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Saih Al Salam Scenic Route Project

Saih Al Salam Scenic Route Project

Saih Al Salam Scenic Route (Route 1) Project includes several projects and initiatives, such as providing facilities and services to visitors along the route, offering trips to the ancient sites of Saruq Al-Hadid and Al Marmoom Heritage Village, and other experiences including horse and camel riding and desert walks.

The project is a 100 km-long road for vehicles and bicycles. It is uniquely built based on the Scenic Route concept, and it includes facilities to provide a holistic tourism experience. It aims to increase the number of activities, events and services that promote desert tourism. The project also offers investment opportunities for inhabitants and supports local projects that stimulate tourism.

In addition, camps and lodges in the form of glass domes with panoramic windows will be built along with open lounges that will allow people to enjoy their stay beside the existing lakes in the area. Vertical balloons will be provided to offer an elevated view of the lakes with an opportunity to take pictures. In addition, kayak boats will be available alongside souvenir shops and cafes close to the lakes to enrich the visitors’ experience. Furthermore, the project will also include an outdoor cinema experience in addition to events and art exhibitions and a Caravan Park.

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