Dubai 2040
Hatta Master Development Plan

Hatta Master Development Plan

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan focuses on preserving Hatta’s natural environment, boosting its tourism competitiveness, and developing the area through partnerships with the private sector. The Plan also seeks to support domestic projects initiated by Hatta residents and create opportunities to support locals in a way that stimulates tourism and encourages entrepreneurial activity while also preserving the unique geographical identity of the area.

In addition, the Hatta Master Development Plan, which maps out the development of the area over the next two decades, aims to promote wellbeing and generate investment opportunities for its people as well as transforming Hatta into a year-round tourist destination in line with the World's Coolest Winter campaign.

Moreover, the plan encompasses improving the efficiency of public facilities and services for the community members, developing a sustainable transportation system as well as providing sustainable hotels that offer multiple services to community members and support tourism and sports activities.

Development projects in Hatta are progressing rapidly as projects and initiatives are being implemented, with an undeniable contribution from the private sector partners through investments and promising job opportunities in Hatta. Furthermore, in order to oversee the development of Hatta and govern project and initiatives, a Supreme Committee will be formed to supervise in partnership with the private sector.

Approving the construction of a private school, Hatta beach, 235 houses and Hatta Souq

Within the framework of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan’s pillars related to preserving Hatta’s nature, enhancing its tourism competitiveness, fostering its development and reconstruction as well as providing and enhancing the efficiency of the facilities and public services for Hatta’s residents and visitors, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, approved a series of development projects for this significant region. This includes the construction of a private school designed in accordance with the latest international standards, aimed at providing distinguished educational services to the residents of the area. The school is equipped with classrooms, laboratories, sports facilities and fields, open areas, a theatre, a kindergarten building, and a clinic. It can enrol 700 to 1000 students. In addition, the project includes a new neighborhoods council for the region’s residents. Furthermore, the Hatta Beach Project and its location were approved with the goal of transforming Hatta into a year-round tourism destination for both residents and visitors in addition to expanding the seasons of visits to include the summer months. The project spans an area of over 53,000 square metres. The beach itself will stretch over 10,000 square metres alongside an artificial lake (Crystal Lagoon) and will feature a host of amenities and services for visitors such as lounges, pedestrian pathways, cycling tracks, restaurants, food stalls and an outdoor cinema. The lake will also offer several activities such as swimming and water sports. Additionally, there are more projects underway, including the construction of hotels and resorts, as well as the construction of 235 houses in the Makan area, besides the development of Hatta Downtown next to Hatta Souq, which is designed to blend modern and traditional elements together to match the mountainous landscape of the region. Hatta Souq spans over 146,000 square metres and includes 70 commercial units in addition to other amenities such as dedicated spaces for children’s activities, outdoor seating areas and green areas. Moreover, other projects will offer the creation of 330 investment opportunities for people of the region, and agricultural and beautification works will be carried out in the area.

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