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Hatta Development Committee holds workshop to screen views of residents about development projects

8 June 2022

Hatta Development Committee holds workshop to screen views of residents about development projects

The Supreme Committee to Oversee the Development of Hatta held a workshop in the presence of a group of Hatta residents, in order to present the development initiatives being implemented in Hatta, and to take the opinions and suggestions of the people of the region, during which the executive team for the development of the Hatta region and the representatives of the sub-teams presented a list of projects and a road map for the region. The meeting also included a discussion session during which the team members listened to the suggestions and observations of the people of Hatta about the existing initiatives and projects aimed at developing the area.

The supreme committee is keen to engage the residents of Hatta in the development process, which would create promising work prospects. Undertaking such projects responds to the directives of leaders aimed to bring happiness to citizens and support the youth to harness their energetic and innovative ideas in the prosperity of the area. The overall aim is to boost the social and economic capabilities of Hatta and make it a favourite destination for tourists, especially for recreational, health and eco-tourism.

“We were delighted to meet a diverse group of Hatta residents of different age groups to have their views and feedback and discuss the demands that support the efforts of the Supreme Committee to Oversee the Development of Hatta. The gathering aimed to ensure the development of the area while serving the interests of residents in line with the directives of our leaders,” said Nasser Bu Shehab, Head of the Executive Team of Hatta Development, Member of the Supreme Committee.

“The review of the development initiatives witnessed clear interaction from Hatta residents, which reflected the efforts made to bring about a quantum shift in the sweeping development of the area and Dubai in general. The team took note of valuable comments from residents, which focused mainly on improving the infrastructure of roads, supporting entrepreneurship, making use of the agricultural wealth and preserving the environment,” he added.

“In the foreseeable future, we aspire to act as a single team with Hatta residents, local departments and strategic partners. Coordinating such efforts will measure up to the vision of our leaders to make Dubai the best city for living in the world and transform Hatta into a perfect destination for practising business and investment as well as a fine local and global tourist destination,” concluded Bu Shehab.